• We encourage all Stewart parents to join the PTSO.

    There are no membership fees!


    Meetings will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

    Meetings are held virtually.


    Remember the main reason to join the Parent Teacher/Student Organisation is to benefit your child/children.  There is no better way to know what is happening at Stewart. PTSO functions and meetings are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, build rapport, and discuss issues that are on your mind. You can share ideas, concerns, and experiences.  By volunteering with PTSO, you put your skills and hobbies to use for a great cause—your child and your school.


      Please reach out to Allison Casto at stewartelemptso@gmail.com for information about their PTSO


    PTSO Board

    Allison Casto, President

    Ronda Emery, Vice President


    PTSO Sponsored Events:   

    Ice Cream Social

    Book Fair: Fall dates to come soon, plus both conference nights

    Conference Dinner Nights: September & February


    McTeacher Night

    Staff Appreciation Week

    Spring Canival

    5th Grade Promotion & Picnic


    PTSO Committees and Projects:

    Meetings will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

    If you are interested in being a chairperson or helping with one of the committees please email one of the officers and we will add you to the volunteer list.  

    We would like to have a chairperson in place for each committee and project.  It takes months to plan a successful event and the earlier we can start planning the better for everyone.

    Box Tops:   This is an ongoing project that will last the entire school year.  Volunteers will help with distributing Box Tops Flyers, classroom collection and tally, cutting and pasting the box tops to the flyers and counting the collections to send in.  There is also a need for volunteers to help with the reward parties.

    Hospitality:   There are many events hosted through our school where the need for hospitality comes into play.  This committee will help round up things needed for these special events.

    Fundraiser Committee:  This group will work with the PTA treasurer to help gather information on fundraisers, organize volunteers to help run the fundraising events and report out the success of the fundraising event.  This group will also help to work with the goals for budgeting.

    Bylaw Committee:  The Nationals PTA requires the bylaws to be updated every 3 years.  

    Scholastic Book Fair with Virgina Eshelman:   Volunteers are needed to help set up, work the event, pull books and pack up. We also need volunteers to send in food and drink items for our teacher previews and grandparents tea.  Several volunteers are needed throughout the week to work the fair by helping students make wish lists, pick out books and pay.  At the end of the fair, we will need volunteers to help pack up the event.  Even you only have an hour or 2; we could really use your help! Please contact Mrs. E at: veshelman@vikingmail.org for more information.

    Conference Night Dinners:  This committee helps plan meals for the conference nights in both September/October and February.  Volunteers will be needed to help plan the meals, decorate, donate food, set up, serve and clean up the dishes at the end of the evening.  

    COSI Day:  This committee will work with Stewart Staff to help plan, organize and gather volunteers for this project.  PTA will work closely with the staff to decide the best way to bring science to life at Stewart.  

    Holiday Cookie Exchange:  This committee will bake holiday cookies to give to Stewart Staff members during the holiday season.  Volunteers will be needed to bake items, collect the baked goods and distribute them to the Stewart Staff. The committee chair will organize the volunteers and the collection of baked goods for distribution on the 15th.

    The Giving Tree Set up after Thanksgiving Break runs through December 13th:  This committee sets up the Giving Tree after Thanksgiving for Stewart families in need during the holiday season.  Volunteers will be needed to set up the tree, organize the family’s needs and assist in donating, wrapping and distributing the gifts. 

    Staff Appreciation Week in May:  This committee helps plan events to celebrate the Staff at Stewart Elementary and show them how much they are appreciated.  Volunteers will be needed each day of the week to plan and organize the events, donate requested items, and help with setup up or delivery of items throughout the week.  Friday will end the week with a PTA sponsored lunch for the staff. 

    Spring Carnival:   Many volunteers are needed to head up committees for games, food, prizes and other booths.  This event brings the Stewart Families and Communities together to enjoy an exciting evening with games, music, food and family entertainment. 

    Stewart Scholarship: This committee will help organize, create a flyer and distribute information for the scholarship contest.  The committee will also read and select a winner for the contest and present the award to the winning student. 

    5th grade Program Committee:  This committee will work with Stewart 5th grade teachers to help organize and plan the 5th grade picnic and D.A.R.E graduation night.  Volunteers will be needed to help with various projects throughout the 5th grade program and graduation.  We would like to ask some of the 4th grade parents to also help with this so that they pave the way for next year’s 5th graders.

    Nomination Committee: This committee will be made up of 5 PTA members to review the rules for PTA elections, create a slate for elections by taking nominees for officers and help to run the election according to the PTA rules and regulations.



    September 2017 Meeting Minutes 

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