From The Desk of Principal Thompson,


    Our dedicated staff is excited about providing an array of exciting, engaging and challenging learning experiences to all students, our mission is to develop confident students who aspire to become agents of positive change.  Woodlawn Elementary School is a learning community that is committed to helping all students grow their confidence as student ambassadors of kindness and empathy to all.

    Our staff understands the crucial role that success coupled with some failures play in the ongoing process of declaring the whole child.  As educators, we strive to model that truth. We will do our utmost to celebrate success, while helping students deviate through challenges that strengthen our children.   I heard someone say, “All learning is social/emotional.”  No one can learn at their highest levels if they do not feel safe, secure, and respected.  We will continue to work to ensure that our students are learning at high levels because they are respected, challenged, supported and cared for.  That is our commitment to our students and families.  We have an ethical and moral obligation to our students to help them soar beyond their greatest potential.

    We look forward to partnering with our families as we engage in that process.

Sherry Thompson
  • Mrs. Sherry Thompson