Student Activities

  • Art Club

    Art club is open to all students in grades 6, 7 and 8 and will take place on Thursdays after school in my room 2562. Students will be able to find information about submitting an application to join art club in the morning announcements slides during homeroom. Art materials are provided but students are welcome to bring their own. This is a place to be yourself and have fun! Join us and get creative!

    Drama Club

    Actually a performance poetry club. Students will get the opportunity to write poetry, workshop with their peers, and perform their work for the group.  

    National Junior Honor Society

    National Junior Honor Society is an invitation-only assemblage of Princeton Community Middle School's top academic performers.  In meeting outstanding school citizenship expectations as well as grade point average requirements, these select few students are provided the opportunity to become proactive members of the school and outside community.  Volunteerism, fundraising, and charitable services are the focal points for the group and all its efforts.  Adopting children in impoverished regions of the world, adopting local families for the holidays, volunteering for local charities and non-profits, and generating school spirit around the idea of community service are just a few of the ways in which we participate within our community.  A National Junior Honor Society student is creative, hard-working, and proactive, a model citizen of the world.


    Power of the Pen

    Power of the Pen is a writing club, open to 7th and 8th graders in the state of Ohio only.  We are looking for strong writers who love their craft.  Be certain your writing is creative, interesting, and original.  Punctuation and spelling count, so take it seriously.  Please take the entire time to plan, write, and edit your work.   Students compete on a district, regional and state level for awards—trophies, medallions, journals, and/or ribbons.   As well as on the state level, scholarships have been awarded from Wooster College.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our students.


    Student Council

    Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grade students have the opportunity to represent their fellow classmates in Student Council.  All students are encouraged to join the Student Council and selected students will be nominated as grade level representatives.  All members are given the opportunity to lead council meetings and promote ideas.  Student council is a unified group that encourages positive communication and helps boost the morale at the middle school.  They will provide service to the surrounding communities and to the school. 

    The criteria for participating in Student Council are as follows:

    1. Maintain a C or above average in academic classes. 

    2. Complete the Student Council application.

    3. Obtain signatures from teachers and peers.  

    4. Uphold the commitment to attend meetings and actively participate in service projects and student body activities.