NJROTC Department


     February 2021 SITREP
    1. The Armed Services Vocational and Aptitude Battery Test (ASVAB) was administered on 10 February in the Viking Room. 
    2.  Our Cadet Commanding Officer, Cadet Jonathan Helton completed his exams and graduated early 19 February.  Our new Cadet Commanding Officer is Cadet Lieutenant Commander Parker Bishop.
    3.  Senior Cadets full length photographs were taken on 24 February.  Navy pays for cost of photograph. 
    4.  15 cadets completed the communications check in support of the NJROTC National Academic exam on 8 February.
    FUTURE EVENTS (March 2021):
    1.  15 cadets will take The NJROTC National Academic exam during the 3-10 March time frame.
    2.  The NJROTC picture day (All cadets will have their picture taken in uniform) will be on  Wednesday, 24 March.  McIntire Photography (Anderson, Ohio) will be the company taking the cadet and staff pictures. Mr. Bollmer please report to the NJROTC classrooms at 0800 so that the photographer can take your picture to be included in the composite. 
    3.  Spring Break- 29 March through 5 April 2021.


Russell Brockway
  • Russell Brockway

    Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Senior Naval Science Instructor

    email: rbrockway@vikingmail.org






 Senior Chief Dave McDermott
  • Senior Chief Dave McDermott

    Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Naval Science Instructor

    email: dmcdermott@vikingmail.org