NJROTC Department


    COMPLETED EVENTS (September 2021):  
    1. NJROTC Leadership Academy Graduation was conducted via ZOOM at 1700 on 16 September in NJROTC Classrooms.  Cadets Peter Mick, Lilly Olden, Ivan Sowder, and Trinity Turvey received their ball cap, t-shirt, and sling bag.  The cadets will receive their silver chord at their first uniform inspection.
    2. The Color Guard presented the colors at the 17 September Varsity Football game.
    3. The Color Guard and the entire unit of 150 cadets participated in the Lincoln Heights Labor Day parade on Saturday, 4 September, 1000.  This is a mandatory event for all cadets.
    4.  The unit provided a table with literature and participated in the Viking Showcase, 2 September.
    5. U.S. Army recruiter, Sergeant Cannady briefed the cadets during class on 8 September.
    6. Parent/teacher conferences were held from 1500-1900 on Thursday, 23 September. Over 25 parents and cadets came and visited with NJROTC instructors.
    7.  U. S. Army Local Recruiter, SGT Cannady presented a brief to the company of cadets on 8 September.
    FUTURE EVENTS (October 2021):
    1. The Color Guard and the entire unit of 135 cadets will participate in the Homecoming Day parade on Wednesday, 6 October at 1700 (5PM).  This is a mandatory event for all cadets.  To be excused cadets must present a handwritten note from parents excusing them from the parade prior to the event.
    2. The Color Guard will present the colors at the 8 and 22 October Varsity Football games.
    3. The Color guard will present the colors on 9 October at 1100 for the PHS mural dedication ceremony.
    4.  The U.S. Navy Birthday will be on 13 October.  The U.S. Navy will be 245 years old.
    5. The ASVAB test will be administered at PHS on 17 November.  The email with the sign up link embedded will be promulgated on 14 October from Ms. Ritze.  All seniors, juniors, and sophomores are highly encouraged to take the ASVAB whether or not they intend to join the military.
    6.  The Miami University JROTC Drill meet (sponsored by Northmont HS) will be conducted on Saturday, 30 October.


Russell Brockway
  • Russell Brockway

    Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Senior Naval Science Instructor

    email: rbrockway@vikingmail.org






 Senior Chief Dave McDermott
  • Senior Chief Dave McDermott

    Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Naval Science Instructor

    email: dmcdermott@vikingmail.org