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    1Cadets Logan Hoskins, Candy Lin, and Joey Lin participated in the 2020 NJROTC Leadership Academy (LA) hosted by New Albany, Indiana NJROTC.  All training was virtual and all camp fees were paid for by Princeton NJROTC. Cadets received a silver chord, ball cap, t-shirt and string bag for successfully completing the course. All three cadets earned the silver cord which represents successful completion of LA.
    2.  Color Guard performed the colors at the Sharonville Ford Plant on 10 November and at Maple Knoll Retirement center on 11 November in honor of Veterans Day.
    3.  Color Guard performed a virtual color guard for the PHS Veterans Day ceremony.
    4.  Both Scarlet and Gray Third bell cadets received a virtual orientation brief from Lt. Schmeigel on the U.S. Naval Academy on 10 and 17 November.
    5.  The semi-annual Navy JROTC Physical Readiness Test (PRT) was administered on Fridays, 13 and 20 November 2020. 14 cadets overall past the Navy PRT.
    6.  Both Air rifle teams participated in teh 2021 Secretary of The Navy Air Rifle Championships conducted within the NJROTC classrooms.  This was a postal event.
    FUTURE EVENTS (December 2020):
    1. Two Air Rifle teams and 10 cadets will participate in the 2020 AREA THREE Air Rifle Championships conducted at Camp Perry, Port Clinton, Ohio on Friday, 11 December.
    2. The Color Guard will perform the colors in support of varsity home basketball game son Tuesday, 1 December 2020, Friday 4 December 2020 and Tuesday, 15 December.
    3.  The off site area manager's inspection will be conducted virtually on Thursday, 10 December 2020.


Russell Brockway
  • Russell Brockway

    Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Senior Naval Science Instructor

    email: rbrockway@vikingmail.org






 Senior Chief Dave McDermott
  • Senior Chief Dave McDermott

    Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy (Retired)

    Naval Science Instructor

    email: dmcdermott@vikingmail.org