Princeton's Welcome Center


    Update your final forms today 

    Normal operating hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

    Please call for appointments 513-864-1111

    Para Espanol: 513-864-1113

    The Welcome Center follows the district calendar and all weather-related district closings and delays.

    The Welcome Center is accepting new enrollments electronically through Final Forms.  Please see below for instructions and a list of documents needed to complete your enrollment. Parents are not required to present documents in person to our Welcome Center Office at this time.

    In order to register your child in the Princeton City School District, you will need to:

    1. Complete and Sign every form within Final Forms.
    2. Upload all the required documents in the document checklist below.
    3. If you encounter any issues or need to schedule an appointment, please call 513-864-1111 or 513-864-1113.
    4. Your student will not be able to begin school until all forms are complete and required documents have been received by the District Registrar. At which time, a District Registrar will contact you and provide you with your student's start date. Welcome to Princeton City Schools!

    Documents Checklist (Red documents = click & print links.)

    You may upload any of the documents below digitally in Final Forms

    • Option 1: Upload a File from your Computer.
      • Click the UPLOAD button, locate the file, and upload.
      • Be sure the file is a DOC, PDF, JPG, or PNG.
    • Option 2: Upload a Photo from your Phone or Tablet.
      • Click the UPLOAD button below, take/locate your photo, and upload.
      • Be sure the photo is clear and well-lit.
    • IMPORTANT: Name your file to help administrators identify the document.
    Required Documents
        • Proof of Address/Residency - Three (3) items from list below:
          • You will need ONE of the following:
            • Signed lease/rental agreement
            • Mortgage statement
            • Settlement statement
            • Property Tax bill
            • Deed
          • You will need TWO of the following:
            • Payroll check stub (dated within past 60 days)
            • Utility bill (dated within past 60 days)
            • Vehicle registration
            • Hamilton County Job and Family Service letter (dated within past 60 days)
            • Recent income tax return (dated within past year)
            • Voter registration document
            • Insurance policy (dated within past year)
            • Medical bill (dated within past 60 days)
            • Certificate of registration from the Board of Elections
            • US Postal change of address document
      All suspicions of non-residency will be thoroughly investigated and Additional documentation of residency will be required

    Special Situations

      • Custody Decree - (if applicable) Complete, current legal documentation must be presented at the time of registration. Notify the registrar of any future revisions.
      • Guardianship - (if applicable) Complete, current legal court documents must be presented at the time of registration.
      • Special Education Paperwork - (if applicable) The current ETR/MFE and IEP for students with disabilities, or the current Section 504 Accommodation Plan, or Gifted Identification information must be presented at the time of registration, if applicable. An official request will be made to the previous school for these documents as appropriate; however, having the documents upfront facilitates a smoother transition.
      • Free and Reduced Meal Parent Disclosure Form - (if applicable)
      • Free and Reduced Meal Application - (if applicable)

    Kindergarten/Preschool Only

    Transfer Student Only

      • Grade Documentation - Current report card or progress report


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