• Dr. Mari Phillips is the Associate Superintendent of the Princeton City School District. She provides substantial assistance to the superintendent in providing the leadership required to develop, achieve and maintain the best possible educational programs and services for the district and its communities while providing oversight of the District’s Student Services, Special Education, and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment departments. Mari is committed to implementing the district’s mission and goals outlined in the most recent board-approved three-year Strategic Plan and Equity in Action Plan.  Dr. Phillips promotes a culture of collaboration within the district and the broader community to improve student learning for all students.  Her passion is to change the trajectory of student outcomes for all students by ensuring equitable opportunities, programs, and services are provided to each student based on individual needs.   

    Mari has worked in the district for over 40 years and has assumed various positions.  She served as a teacher, counselor, and building administrator before moving to the central office and taking the student services director, assistant superintendent, and associate superintendent positions.  

    Mari has worked as an independent consultant with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). She and a team of consultants monitored school districts declared to be in academic distress by identifying systems and practices that may impede improvement.   She retired from the school district in 2012 and returned in August 2015 as a special education director before moving into her current position of Associate Superintendent in August 2018.  

    Throughout Mari’s tenure in the Princeton District, she has received several Dream Keeper Awards and other notable accolades.  She most recently participated in the Digital Promise Education Leadership Online Institute, which focused on the urgent education and equity challenges impacting our school communities now and in the coming years.   At the AASA cohort conference for school superintendents, the superintendent, board president, and Dr. Phllips spoke to educators across the country about how the district addresses equity.  Lastly, she leads the district’s Equity in Action initiative.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Special Education, her master’s degree in Counselor Education, and her doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of Cincinnati.

    She and her husband love to travel and are avid tennis players.  They have a beautiful golden retriever named Foster.