• lego chess

     If you are interested in participating in chess this year, please contact Coach Arnold Franklin  as soon as possible.

    Practices will be on Sunday from 1-3:00 p.m.in the PHS GRID. (Enter thru door 30, and during the week you have to make an appointment with Coach Frank)


    The Pay to Participate fee for chess is $75. This should be turned in to the Athletic Office.

    We understand that many of you are participating in several activities, clubs, 18 classes, sports, band, AQT, college visit, work, etc. We will work around all of your schedules to make chess a great experience for you.

    Chess has a short season, beginning in October and ending in early December with GMC Tournaments, date TBD. Prior to the season we (Princeton) will host a Scholastic Chess Tournament on a Saturday in Ocotber.  It is NOT mandatory, but I encourage you to participate, as we would like Princeton to be represented. Information about the tournament will be in the GRID beside the chess board. You will receive a chess rating after the tournament. 

    After the season, you will be a better chess player!