• PHS Yearbooks: We are selling 2019-2020 PHS yearbooks for $60.00. You can purchase a yearbook online at ybpay.lifetouch.com. The school code is: #13247320. Yearbook sales end February 1, 2020. Students who purchase a yearbook will be invited to a Yearbook Signing Party at the end of the school year in the GRID. This is where students will pick up PHS 2020 yearbook. Students can NOT pick up yearbooks early.


    Senior Pictures: All students who had their picture taken on picture day will be in the yearbook. We will use the pictures taken on picture day by Lifetouch. Picture Retake Day at Princeton High School is October 22, 2019. Seniors who want to include a professional “senior portrait” in the yearbook must use Prestige Portraits Studio by January 1, 2020. If seniors do not get a “senior portrait” we will use the photo that was taken by Lifetouch on picture day. Information for senior portraits is available in the PHS office. To schedule an appointment call (513) 346-3800 or visit https://local.prestigeportraits.com/oh/cincinnati/11815-highway-drive-.html


    Baby Photos and Senior Quotes: Seniors can submit baby pictures, senior quotes, senior superlatives and other photos for the yearbook through their vikingmail. Students should check their email often for yearbook updates.


    Scarlet Oaks picture day is October 21, 2019

    Innovation Center picture day is October 18th, 2019


    Senior Ads: We are selling Senior Ads. Senior Ads start at $40. We encourage all parents/guardians of seniors to purchase an ad. This is a time to create a personalized memory in the yearbook with your own photographs and messages. If you would like to purchase a Senior Ad please visit: ybpay.lifetouch.com. THE LAST DAY TO PURCHASE A SENIOR AD IS February 1, 2020.


    Yearbook Information and Important Dates

    •     Yearbooks cost $60.00 and will include a 14 page Spring Supplement.
    •     Supplement Package will include Prom, Spring Sports, Top 20, and Graduation.
    •     Yearbook sales end 2/1/2020
    •     All students who had their picture taken on picture day will be in the yearbook.
    •     The Yearbook Signing Party is May 8th, Bell 10 in the GRID.
    •     Expected Delivery Date: May 2020


    Purchase a Yearbook Yearbook ID: 13247320


    Thank you,

    Ms. Durham