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    HOPE Squad is a school-based, peer-to-peer, suicide prevention program that emphasizes suicide prevention fundamentals, self-care and anti-bullying. The purpose of a HOPE Squad is to improve access and availability to appropriate prevention services for youth who are at risk for suicide. The HOPE Squad Program functions as a peer support team with the goal of providing kindness, encouragement, and support for students in our school who may be struggling. 

    HOPE Squad members were nominated by their peers as someone who displays naturally good listening skills and to whom students would go to if they needed help during difficult times.  Hope Squad Members will be trained to refer peers to a trusted adult for help. They are not asked to act as a counselor. They will be trained to recognize the warning signs and empowered to report those signs to an adult.  

    Advisors for Hope Squad are:


    Dawn Stallard, Lead Advisor                                             Jennifer Kennedy, Advisor/Instructor

    12th Grade Principal                                                         EL Teacher

    (513) 864-1502                                                                  (513) 864-1899

    dstallard@vikingmail.org                                                 jkennedy@vikingmail.org


    Desiree Gould, Advisor                                                    Kim Thyberg, Advisor/Instructor

    10th Grade Counselor                                                     Foreign Language

    (513) 864-1801                                                                (513) 864-1828

    dgould@vikingmail.org                                                   kthyberg@vikingmail.org


    Pat Baker, Advisor

    PHS School Nurse

    (513) 864-1570/1571


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