Contracts for Services

  • All contracts for services require a contract that must be approved before duties can be performed. This does not apply to employees (see below).


    As long as the following "Princeton Consultant Contractual Agreement Non-Employee" (below) is filled out, contracts up to $1,000 requires only the approval of the Treasurer. 


    • Please fill out the form below titled "Princeton Consultant Contractual Agreement Non-Employee"
      • Be sure to fill out:
        • duties to be performed
        • dates of services
        • payment terms (not to exceed $1,000)
    • The consultant must then sign the contract and send it to the Treasurer.
    • Once approved the Treasurer will return a copy of the signed contract to the requestor.
    • A requisition should be submitted for the contract.


    Contracts that do not use Princeton's approved contract below and/or are over $1,000 require approval from the Board of Education. Two readings are necessary for Board approval; please plan accordingly.


    • Please submit the contract along with the form below titled "Contract Request Form"
    • Submit both forms in Word format to the Treasurer.
    • The contract will then be presented to the Board for a first and second reading.
    • Once approved the signed copy will be returned to the requestor for the consultants signature.
    • A requisition should be submitted for the contract.


    Once services are complete an invoice is required for payment. The form below titled "Certificate of Completion-Contractual Non-Employee" can be used for an invoice.


    Please note: If consultants are to be reimbursed for expenses, itemized receipts are required. A credit card slip with no detail is not acceptable.


    Employees are paid through payroll; with the exception of reimbursements. Any additional duties and/or services performed must be approved by the Board of Education in advance. These additional duties/services are referred to as special projects, supplementals or stipends. Please contact CIA for additional information.

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