District Staff Professional Leave

  • If there is a conference or training that you would like to attend, there are some very important things that you should know about the process. 
    Please read this email in its entirety and save it where you'll be able to find it easily when you need it.
    1. All professional leave must align with the District Strategic and Academic Achievement plans.
    2. All professional leave must be approved by your department head, principal, and director.  
    3. If there are ANY expenses involved, there MUST be a purchase order in place before you may do ANYTHING that involves money (registration, etc.). To obtain a purchase order:
        a. Complete a professional leave request form, found on the website on the Curriculum page, at least three weeks prior to the Early Bird due date.  
    On the form, you MUST include all of the expenses involved.  If you do not list an expense, and then request reimbursement for it when you returnit may be denied.  Professional leave forms are found here:  https://www.princetonschools.net/Page/1281
        b. Attach a flyer, registration form, etc., to your professional leave request form.  A link to the conference website works perfectly!
        c. Have your principal sign your leave form.
        d. Send the form to the secretary of the director over your position at PAC.  Example: regular education 2nd-grade teacher-director is Tonya West Wright-send the form to Nancy Bortle;  school health aide-your director is Dr. Kevin Jamison, send the form to Janet Lanzarotta.
     4. Once the purchase order has been generated, the secretary will email you that you may register for the event.
     5. Enter your leave into AESOP.
     6. Keep receipts of all items for which you requested reimbursement: parking, meals, etc. (See professional leave form for rules specific to meals)  ALL receipts must be original and contain details of the expense.  A meal receipt must be a copy of the guest check. You may include your credit card receipt to show a tip, but a credit card receipt by itself will NOT be reimbursed.
     7Within two weeks of return, place receipts into a reimbursement request envelope (your building secretary will have them). Make a copy of all receipts, just in case the envelope doesn't make it to PAC! Complete the information needed on the envelope, sign it and send it directly to the secretary to whom you sent the leave request form. The principal does not need to sign it.
     8Your reimbursement check will be sent to your building secretary.  Checks are cut on the 10th and 25th of each month, so depending on when your receipts were received, you'll receive your reimbursement check 2-3 days after the check date.
    If you have any questions about the process, please call your department's secretary: Janet Lanzarotta at extension 1034 or Nancy Bortle at extension 1060.  We will give you the best, and CORRECT, answers.