• Message #5: Letter to Elementary School Parents

    Distributed on March 12, 2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians, 


    In the event of school closure, Princeton elementary schools have prepared resources for your child.  

    Each day your child will bring home the next day’s lessons. If school is not canceled, they should bring these materials to school because they will be used in the classrooms. 


    Reading and Math instructional opportunities are listed below.  Distance and Virtual Learning options for students with home internet access are also included.  



    1. All students should take home an assigned book from the Success for All Reading class.  Students will also be encouraged to take home multiple books of their choice from the building or teacher library to complete an additional reading activity.
    • Complete questions and writing assignments as assigned by the reading teacher.
    • Each building will send optional questions and book projects that can be completed based on the amount of time out of school.
    1. Special Education
      1. In addition to the above, take home worksheets from their reading intervention materials, fluency practice page, and sight word list. 
    2. English Learners
      1. Items 6-8 below are websites to help support the specific needs of English Learners.  



    1. Students should take home Ready Classroom Workbooks.  Teachers will assign workbook pages that have been reviewed in class and challenge assignments.
    2. Special education- in addition to the above, worksheet packets focusing on basic math skills

    Distance and Virtual Learning Options for students with Internet access

    1. iReady Math and iReady Reading Learning Path Lessons can be completed
    2. All students should have access to Math lessons
    3. Some students may need to take Reading diagnostic in order to access Reading lessons 
    4. Study Island Reading Learning Path Grades 2-5
    5. 4-5 Study Island Science and Social Studies
    6. https://www.uniteforliteracy.com/
    7. https://www.eslgamesplus.com/sentence-monkey/
    8. https://www.turtlediary.com/games/word-families.html


    Please contact your school principal or teacher with questions.