•  Equity In Action Title page graphic with district mission and vision

    ● When every child receives what is needed to support goals and expectations for learning.
    ● To ensure that every child has an equal opportunity for success.

    Educational Equity:
    ● Putting systems in place to ensure that every child has an equal chance for success.
    ● Ensuring that personal and social circumstances do not prevent students from achieving their academic potential.
    ● Have unlimited expectations for all students, e.g., gifted, students with disabilities, English learners, and under-achieving groups.

    Equity Team

    Special thanks to the District’s equity team, including our equity consultant, Ms. Natasha Hurt-Hayes, who assisted with developing and editing goals, strategies, and action steps to the District’s Equity Plan. You showed that you are dedicated and committed to the equity work that must go forward. Your efforts are so appreciated at this time in our country. Special thanks to district and building administrators, who have begun to engage staff and students in understanding the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity and have begun to embed culturally responsive instructional practices in your teaching and learning. Lastly, special thanks to staff (teachers and support staff ) for the work you do every day to change students’ lives so that they will be ready for college, career, and life success.

    We thank you immensely.

    Members of the Administrative Cabinet

    • Mr. Tom Burton, Superintendent

    • Dr. Mari Phillips, Associate Superintendent

    • Ms. Tonya West Wright, Assistant Superintendent Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

    • Dr. Kevin Jamison, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

    • Ms. Theresa Warren, Director, Special Education

    • Mr. Tom Szendrey, Director, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives

    • Ms. Tricia Roddy, Director, Communications

    • Mr. Jon Fricke, Director of Operations

    • Mr. Chris Lockhart, Director, Technology

    • Mrs. Debbie Birch, Director, EMIS

    Board of Education Members

    • Mrs. Susan Wyder, President

    • Mr. Jon Simons, Vice President

    • Mrs. Mary Cleveland, Board Member

    • Mrs. Jodi Kessler, Board Member

    • Mrs. Gina Ruffin Moore, Board Member

    Message from the Superintendent

    Princeton City Schools is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, caring, and challenging learning environment, which serves as the foundation for student growth. Through the lens of equity, we continue our mission statement of “empowering each student for college, career, and life success.” As we all know, great work needs to be done in our country to eliminate racism, bias, inequity, injustice, and inequality. Living our mission statement is critical, and we intend to be a beacon serving as a signal for other districts to model their work after. By empowering our students, we will help equip them with skills to reach achievement, and career levels previously unknown but ever so important and accept and value others regardless of their differences.

    Thomas D. Burton