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WCPO High School Sports Reporter Mike Dyer takes his 'High School Insider Podcast' to the GMC's National Football Signing Day event. Hear from football coaches from Colerain, Fairfield, Hamilton, Lakota East and West, Mason, Middletown, Princeton, Oak Hills, and Sycamore.

00:00:00 Preshow
00:05:35 Introduction
00:07:01 Fairfield coach Jason Krause
00:14:55 Hamilton coach Arvie Crouch
00:25:53 Colerain coach Carl Huber
00:32:59 Princeton coach Andre Parker
00:46:42 Mason coach Brian Caster
00:55:44 Lakota West coach Tom Bolden
01:03:42 Sycamore coach Scott Dattilo
01:08:43 Lakota East coach Rick Haynes
01:15:04 Beacon Community Outreach Manager Mike Slemons
01:18:27 Oak Hills coach Justin Roden
01:28:50 Middletown coach Don Simpson
01:34:16 Conclusion