Difference Maker: Jennifer Layman

Jennifer Layman is the greeting Clerk-Typist you meet, as you enter the Princeton Administration Center (PAC). She is helpful to families, staff, community members, and visitors and provides excellent service while finding resources needed to welcome everyone to the Princeton City School District. 

In order to better assist the growing population of Spanish-speaking families in the district, Jennifer has been taking classes to learn conversational Spanish. Jennifer is always willing to help to the best of her ability. 

This summer and at the start of the school year, Jennifer jumped right in to assist the Welcome Center by registering new students and assisting families with Final Forms.  She created a "cheat sheet" in Spanish for herself to be able to recognize common questions that were being asked so she could answer them in Spanish and make families feel comfortable and understood. Meanwhile, she continues to shine while scheduling reserved rooms at PAC, completing Transcript Requests, directing visitors to rooms, and acting as a tour guide to visiting students.  Jennifer multi-tasks every day with a smile on her face and with positive energy. She is a #differencemaker!

Jennifer goes above and beyond to help all who walk into the Princeton Administration Center with a feeling of warmth and welcome. Jennifer Layman is a Difference Maker!

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