Princeton Student Advisory Council (P-SAC)

  • The PRINCETON STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL (P-SAC) comprises a group of dedicated students from the 11 Princeton City School District schools. P-SAC members help shape policy, ensure that student voice is a meaningful part of decision-making and advocacy efforts, and serve as a bridge between the administration and the student body. Mr. Burton is seeking students who will express views and opinions honestly, openly, constructively and respectfully, who will work collaboratively with others, and who have a willingness to offer suggestions on how the District can improve on a wide range of topics (i.e., educational equity, curriculum, educational programming, school climate, etc.). 

  • Membership is considered an honor within the District, as students will bring their thoughts and insights directly to the Superintendent and other PCSD leaders. The group will meet for no more than one and one-half hours. There will be in-person or virtual meetings held throughout the school year.

  • Three students from each grade level will represent the team. There will be an elementary group (grades 4-5) and a secondary group (grades 6-12). Students will serve a one-year term and may apply for the following year. P-SAC is a full school year commitment, and attendance is expected at all meetings. Students may be replaced by the next qualified candidate from their school after failure to attend two consecutive sessions. 

  Eligibility Requirements  Qualified candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must complete an application process. 

  • If selected, a parent or guardian must provide a signature on the parent form agreeing to the participation since students will miss instruction during the meeting. 
    Click here to fill out the Parent Form.

  • Students are willing to authentically share their experience in Princeton City Schools to impact change within our District to create more equitable spaces for all students. 

  • Students can meet quarterly without impacting their grades and other academic commitments (responsible for making up missed work, etc.).

  • Members remain on the council for one school year but may reapply if they wish to remain on for the subsequent year. 

Teachers can recommend students to the building principal, and students can also self-select.

If interested in applying, please click the link here.