A collage of photos showing several people who attended the Amplifying Student Voice presentation.

A voice for all. Instruction for all. Academic excellence for all!

More than 500 teachers, school and district leaders, and future educators convened Friday, October 14th, at the Academic Excellence for All conference in Columbus.

At the 2022 Academic Excellence For All Conference, Marielle Smith (12th grade), Lester Parker (8th grade), Tricia Roddy, 

and Superintendent Tom Burton presented on Amplifying Student Voice. Mr. Burton also participated in the Opening Session on a panel of superintendents.

Giving students the opportunity to share their voice and leadership is vital to empowering each student for college, career, and life success.

Throughout the day filled with more than 30 breakout sessions, educators focused on intentional leadership, actionable work and a commitment to building a collaborative culture centered on the success of all students.

Students are at the heart of this work. Their voice was represented thanks to student presenters from Mason City Schools, who shared how empowering students can create a positive learning environment, and Princeton City School District students, who discussed the importance of amplifying student voice to increase learner engagement.