Transportation Important Information

Hauck Road is CLOSED and only one way near the bus depot, so there may be transportation delays. We are aware of this and working to mitigate this as much as possible. 

Parents/guardians--you can download the Firstview App and enter your child's school ID into the app, to see your child's scheduled bus times.

All parents/guardians should have their children at their bus stop approximately five (5) minutes earlier than their scheduled time.

In the event that you have not received a bus pass, you can still use the app to locate your child's bus times and locations. If you were enrolled at Princeton last school year and have not received a bus pass, your child can go to the same stop as last year. If you have not received a bus pass and choose to drive your child to school the first day, just send a note, and First Student will make sure they are brought home and will know where their stop is for the remainder of the year.

If a parent/guardian has not received a bus pass or cannot see their children's information in the Firstview App, they should contact the school secretary or transportation team for assistance. Click here to access your Firstview App.

The bus information was generated based on your FinalForms. FinalForms need to be completed each year, for each student. Click here to complete your FinalForms.  It takes approximately 24 hours after you complete FinalForms before your information is shared with First Student Transportation. It may take up to five (5) days to show up on the Firstview App, after the FinalForms are updated.

 Families who need bus changes must get the Transportation Request/Change Form on the website to make changes. You do not need to call First Student, which slows the process down. At this time, the change form needs to be filled out.

*All Transportation Requests/Changes still need to be submitted via the form on the district website under the transportation tab. This may take up to five (5) business days to update. Click here to download the Transportation Request/Change form.

Thank you!