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For students in grades Kindergarten through grade three:


Dear Princeton Elementary Art students

Your Art teachers know you and know you'll be drawing and creating with art supplies while you're at homeHere are some Art Activities to give you some ideasComplete what interests youSome of these are designedparticularlyfoour first and fourth graders who are focusing on mastering Student Visual Art Learning Objectives

Fun drawing topicsSpring

Self-portraits using mirror 

Draw someone in your family 

Design character osuper hero 

still-life or arrangemenof 3 objects Outer Space 

The Cincinnati Art Museum is opefor self-guided tours (Group activities and lectures are cancelled

EnjoyUse this time to be creative

Love, Your Princeton City School District Elementary Art Teachers


For students in grades Fourth and Fifth:

Dear Princeton Elementary Art students

Your Art teachers know you and know you'll be drawing and creating with art supplies while you're at homeHere are some Art Activities to give you some ideasComplete what interests youSome of these are designedparticularlyfoour first and fourth graders who are focusing on mastering Student Visual Art Learning Objectives

Fun drawing topicsSpringSelf-portraits using mirror Draw someone in your family 

Design character or superhero A still-life or arrangement of 3 objects 

Outer Space 

The Cincinnati Art Museum is opefor self-guided tours (Group activities anlectures are cancelled

EnjoyUse this time to be creativeYour Princeton City School District Elementary Art Teachers


The url below can be copied and pasted to find a color wheel and other needed materials: