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Intervention Specialists

For Mrs. Justice's class, you can contact her at

Please continue to work on your file folder activities as well as the materials that you received during parent pick up.

File Folder Activities included:

Number matches

Color matches

Shape matches

Sight Word Identification and Matching

Numerical Ordering

Counting pictures and matching correct numeral

Putting items into like categories 

Books included:

Easy Reader books that focus on early sight work recognition.

Books with rhyming words and repetitive lines

Books with clear pictures 

Books with few words per page.

(Amy sent home instructions on how to enhance communication through shared book reading.)


You can reach Mrs. Acito at


From Mrs. Acito:

Hello to all of our wonderful Evendale students and families! I want to start this email by telling each of you how much I am missing your child through all of this! I felt lucky to have the class I have this year, but now that I have spent three weeks away from my students, I realize how truly fortunate I am to have this group. 
As I mentioned during our phone calls this week, I will be using Google Classroom as our platform as well as Zoom for office hours and face to face meetings. Each student will have their own class in Google Classroom, which I will send the code for shortly. You can access Google Classroom through your student's Clever account, which I will include in the next email. I will be available Zoom during regular scheduled school days from the hours of 1:30-3:00pm for questions and to collaborate on student work. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you have at this point by email or during my scheduled office hours. Thank you so much and stay safe and healthy!
Have a great day,
Mrs. Acito
For Ms. Smith you can reach her at

Hello Families,

Just some important information for you as we move forward with Remote Learning. 


 Google Classroom is where I will put all of my video lessons, assignments, and communications to you. If you have never been in Google Classroom, ask a parent to help you log into your vikingmail account, and you will have an invite there to join our classroom. Some of you will have multiple classrooms. From then on, the easiest way to get to Google Classroom is from that little waffle on the main google screen. Click on the waffle, it will open the google apps, and scroll down until you find Google Classroom.  


Clever will be the easiest way to access your online links for your learning...( I-Ready Reading and Math), and Reading Eggs)  Clever will ALSO have an icon to click on for Google Classroom. 


I will send emails through our vikingmail accounts.(gmail)  Often these will come to parents and student accounts.. You should expect at least one email from me each week on Sunday evening or early Monday morning. Don’t forget to log on to your homeroom teacher as well for work.


 We will use Zoom for class meetings and pre-recorded videos. I will also be joining your regular classroom teacher weekly meetings



Remote learning should not take place ALL DAY. The expectation and hope is that your elementary aged child is engaged in academics for 2-3 hours a day.  Please spend some fun family time.


 My "office hours" will be daily from 12:30pm -2:00 Monday through Friday. That means if you email me or need something I will be available during that time. I'll also be available at other times.  If you need something outside of those office hours, just email me and I will get back to you just as soon as I can. 


Tell my students I miss and I will see them soon on Zoom.



Ms. Smith

Intervention Specialist


Ms. Smith's Intervention


Ms. Smith's Intervention


Week of May 18-22


RM- Lesson 63

15 minutes I-Ready Math daily

15 minutes Reading Eggs daily


 2nd Grade

CMC Math- Lesson 60-Online test

Reading Mastery 84

15 minutes I-Ready Math daily

15 minutes Reading Eggs daily


3rd Grade

9:30 group

CMC- Math-Lesson 60-Online Test

Reading Mastery Lesson 114

15 minutes I-Ready Math daily

15 minutes Reading Eggs daily


11:00 group

Lesson 27

15 minutes I-Ready Math daily

15 minutes Reading Eggs daily



For Ms. More's class, you can reach her at


Hello parents and guardians, 


I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!  I miss the kiddos so much and can’t wait to get back to school.  I have set up a google classroom for each student. I am emailing parents and guardians with the google classroom code for easy access.  The google classroom will be where I post class materials such as our daily calendar. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy also have access to the student’s google classroom and are able to post in it as well.  


I will be posting two videos a week on the google classroom or via zoom for live videos.  


I will be available via email, text, or call to answer any questions.  


Hang in there!  We are in this together.  



Mechelle Moré


To reach Miss Combs, you can contact her at


Hello Evendale Students and Families!
Welcome to remote learning from home! I hope you are all doing well. I miss seeing you each day! This week, April 6th, we will begin assigning intervention groups on Google Classroom. 
I will be posting stories, along with read alouds, videos and activities every Monday before 9am for that week. I will be checking and monitoring progress through the student's math path, google classroom, read theory, along with communicating with families on work completion and understanding.
Please email me if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you online!

Take care and stay safe!
Ms. Combs  
Ms. Combs's update May 11-15, 2020
Combs 1st Grade Intervention- 30 minutes minimum a day
iReady math path 
2 worksheet pages in the packet (Story 29 & 30)
Reading Eggs
Combs 4h Grade Intervention- 30 minutes minimum a day
iReady math path
2 lessons on Google Classroom (Lesson 27 & 28)
Read theory
Combs 5th Grade Intervention - 30 minutes minimum a day
2 lesson on Google Classroom (Lesson 57 & 58)
Read theory
To reach Mrs. Sheeketski, you can contact her at
5th grade Math Intervention
1. Watch the video
2. Complete 1, 45 minute session of MyPath
4th grade Reading Intervention
1. Watch sight words and practice
2. Watch frequent phrases and practice
3. Listen to story
4th Behavior Intervention
1. Watch the video on self regulation
2. Watch celebration