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Ms. Kirk-Shook's May 26-29 update:


Theme: Summer/Ocean



  • Pages 25-26: Count and Cover - color number of eggs on each bunny’s belly (video)


  • Page 27: Building Letters & Words Choice Board - pick and choose activities! (video)


  • Page 28: Trace the lines
  • AM/PM Dance Parties


  • Page 29: Write your numbers


  • I will be dropping off end of the year items!


Virtual Field Trip:

  • Virtual Field Day -
  • Since we typically have field day events scheduled at our school during this last week, we thought you could have your own field day while at home with your family. 
  • You may want to click through it to see what materials you may want to collect before starting


STEM Activity:

  • Tornado in a Jar -
  • In this activity, students will be showing how a tornado works and forms (you will need to scroll way down for the specific directions)
  • You will need a jar with a lid and dish soap (if you have any glitter, it makes it even more fun)
  • Experiment with getting it to rotate in different directions and at different speeds



Sesame Street: Summer Squall -