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Princeton Elementary PK-5 Learning Activities

Princeton Elementary Schools

Learning Activities for PK-5 


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  • For younger students - 
    • Create math sentences around household chores. (i.e organizing and counting socks, or food groups)
    • Do a math scavenger hunt (find shapes, numbers, patterns, something longer than your foot, something that tells time, etc...)
    • Use an empty egg carton to practice counting
    • Sort pantry items by size, height, weight
    • Play a board or card game 
    • Make a hopscotch board outside with chalk and count as you hop
  • For older students - 
    • Chart daily weather, both highs, and lows
      • Create graphs to track the trends. 
      • Compare the differences in the weather each day.
    • With the help of an adult, make your favorite recipe together
    • Create your own set of flashcards, quiz a younger sibling 
    • Create your own measurement unit. Use your new unit to measure items around your house.
    • Create a grocery list for the week.  Research the price of each item. Find the total cost of the groceries.  Create a new list for next week. Compare the two total costs.
    • Find out what fraction of all of your silverware is spoons.
    • Find something in your refrigerator that contains more than a quart or a liter.  Find something in your refrigerator that contains less than a quart or a liter. What’s the least liquid volume you can find?  What’s the greatest?


  • Read 30 mins a day - This can be reading with an older sibling or grown-up
    • Make a poster with facts that you learned or your favorite parts
  • For adults - Ask questions about what your child is reading. 
    • Start with the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why) 
    • Then ask for more detail. (i.e Why do you think that happened?, What do you think will happen next?)
  • Make a Bingo board with sight words 


  • Complete a daily journal entry about what you did that day. Make sure to add details! Stretch the sentences. 
  • Write a story - What are your favorite things and why?  If you could invent something, what would it be? Write a fairy tale. Write the next chapter of a favorite story. Write a story about a kid who couldn’t go to school. (What did they do?) Make a supply list for what you may need at home. 


  • After playing outside, draw what you observe; write down your wonder questions.
  • Make a structure or invention out of LEGO or recyclable products. What can the structure hold? How can you make it stronger? What problem does your invention solve?

Social Studies 

  • Make a map of your favorite room or rooms in our home. What's in the room? How is it organized? Don't forget the key. Additionally, what shapes do you see?
  • Develop a set of essential agreements (roles and responsibilities) for how you will spend your days. 
  • Play “store” with money - counting, trading, giving change.  Determine the goods and services you need and want when making purchases. 


emotional learning 

  • Connect with a classmate or relative over the phone. 
  • Write or keep a diary of any format of your experiences while you are away from school
  • Write a letter to a relative or friend.

STEAM learning 

  • Design and make a game board
  • Build with any building materials - give yourself a challenge and try to accomplish the goal.  Can you build a tower higher than 2 feet? Can you create a bridge that spans 1 foot? Can you create a pulley system to lift an object? 

Physical Education 

  • Build an obstacle course with your family.. time yourselves 
  • Create your own“physical best” challenge sheet. Choose 10 exercises and estimate how many you can do in a period of time .. test/compare. 
  • Go for a family walk around your neighborhood. Let each family member take turns leading the hike with various goals like locating the biggest tree, counting steps, locating animals.


  • Observe and then draw a pet or an animal you can see outside.
  • What is your favorite food? What types of lines, shapes, or colors would you need to draw it?
  • Be creative! Draw a picture of the snow or ice sculpture that you would create if we had 6 feet of snow!


  • Read with a buddy, pet, or stuffed animal
  • Create a treasure hunt with a map & clues
  • Write a story, act it out with your family or toys, and record it on a device
  •  Read a recipe aloud to your parent as they prepare a meal
  • Epic


  • Perform a living room concert of songs that you know 
  • Create a drawing or write a story about your favorite song 
  • Make an instrument with things you find around your house