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4th Grade


April 20-April 24  Click on the Grade Level to view/print the packets

  • Reading Skill-Main idea

  • Math Skill

    Fourth- Unit 1 Review - Place Value, Comparison, Addition & Subtraction


April 14-17

 Click here to view/print the Distance Learning Packet for 4th Grade

April 2020

Dear Glendale Family,

Below you will find a list of assignments and activities that were sent home before Spring Break for students to work on during our time away from school.  Students were given information on how to log in online through their Clever accounts to access iReady, Reading Eggs or Study Island, and other academic-related websites. Students are very familiar with these online resources as they are part of our regular instructional processes.  Please continue to check in with your child’s teacher for updates. Teachers are meeting with classes through Class Dojo, Zoom, and Google Classroom. If you are unable to access the online platform being used and need paper packets, please contact your teacher or a member of the office staff listed below.  We miss you all!

Stay safe and healthy,

Principal Jennings


Office Staff

Principal Jennings                                       

Google Voice phone number: 513-642-9419

Mrs. Carrigan, Instructional Coach

Google Voice phone number: 513-549-5362


Mrs. Donnelly, Secretary           

Google Voice phone number:  513-334-7247

Mrs. Lisa Richter, Clerk - (for Spanish)

Google Voice phone number: 513-214-1795



Ms. Choi

Google Voice phone number: 513-334-7221

Teaching Platform: Zoom (M-F 2:30 KG EL group, Google Classroom)

Ms. Cameron

Google Voice phone number: 513-549-6108


Title I

Miss Bittinger 

Teaching Platform: Google Classroom- 1st-5th

Google Voice phone number: 513-549-5846


Intervention Specialists

Mrs. France

Google Voice phone number: 513-334-6984

Teaching Platform: Google Classroom

Mrs. Bingham

Teaching Platform: Google Classroom and FaceTime for 1:1 instruction (by appointment)

Mrs. Frank (Speech) 

Teaching Platform: Zoom, Google Classroom 

Google Voice: 937-598-9241


April 6 - May 1, 2020 

Mrs. Ryan- 513-549-5182

Ms. Ruttschaw- 513-549-5541

Mrs. Boyer  513-549-5480

Office Hours 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Teaching Platform: Google Classroom for teaching, Class Tag for parent  information

If you are having trouble connecting to any of the teaching platforms please contact your child's teacher for assistance. Thank You! 






Reading Comprehension

  • Charlotte’s Web: 
  • *Complete all work on notebook paper…or…if you have a computer you may create and share a Google Doc and share it with your teacher.


Cycle 4:

Day 1: Read pages 138-147 and complete Day 1 in your packet. 

Day 2: Read pages 148-160 and complete Day 2 in your packet.

Day 3: Read pages 161-171 and complete Day 3 in your packet.

Day 4: Read pages 172-184 and complete Day 4 in your packet.


  • Read your independent reading books! You should do at least 10 minutes of nightly reading of a book of your choice! (Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs – you can read chapters 6&7)


Work in your Math Review Book. 

  • Continue work in your math packet Complete 1-page front and back for each weekday missed from school. 
  • Continue playing Unit 1-4 math games sent home


  • Do 1 page of cursive writing for each missed day of school.


  • Read Fossils. Highlight main ideas and important vocab. Answer questions in the book…use notebook paper for your answers or create a google doc and share it with your teacher.


  • If you have access to a computer, please continue completed lessons on:

I Rea  I Ready Path

Study Island NWEA Math and Reading Path

Study Island Science and Social Studies


Reading Log



# of minutes


Total number of minutes read




Parent Signature


Fourth-grade teachers can be reached via email: Mrs. Ryan and Ms. Ruttschaw

4th Grade * Mar.13th - April 3rd Work to Be Completed at Home 

In the event thawe dnot have schoolhere are items thawe would like for yoto work onPlease bring all materials and completed work to school upon return!!! 





  • Charlotte's Web: 
  • *ALL work should be completed in a notebook 

paper...or... if you have a computer you may create and share Google Doc and share it with your teacher. 

Cycle 2: Day 1: Read pages 48-54 and complete Day 1 in your packet. Day 2: Read pages 55-65 and complete Day 2 in your packet. Day 3: Read pages 66-76 and complete Day 3 in your packet. Day 4: Read pages 77-87 and complete Day 4 in your packet. 

Reading Comprehension 

* Complete 

Cycle 3Repeat directions for Cycle 2 - Use the following page numbers: Day 1: 88-101 Day 2:102-112 Day 3: 113-121 Day 4: 122-133 

Book' Project 

  • Complete Weekly Practice for meter 
  • Read your independent reading books! You should do at least 10 minutes of nightly reading of a book of your choice! (Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs - you 

can read chapters 4 & 5) 

Work in your Math Review Book. Math 

  • Start at the beginning and complete 1-page front and back for each weekday missed from school. Handwriting 
  • Do 1 page of cursive writing for each missed day of school. 
  • Complete Slow and Fast Changes to Land - Read Science the article and complete the questions. * Math Unit Games 1-4 *UtilizStudy Islands 

I Ready-complete lessons 

How to Access Education Websites Used in School at Home


  1. Got to 
  2. In the top right corner, click where it says login as a student. 
  3. The next page will take you to “Find your School.” 
  4. You will type in Princeton. 
  5. There will be a drop-down menu with Princeton school choices. 
  6. Select Glendale. 
  7. Click login with Google. 
  8. Princeton has set up a Gmail account through Google, for your students. 
  9. You will enter your students' email address/username

  1. Next, you will enter your student’s password. 



  1. You will now be logged into your student’s clever account. Your child will have access to websites such as: iReady, Study Island, Sumdog, Google classroom, and many others. Students will access these websites through the apps on the clever dashboard. Once you click the app, students will be automatically logged in. 


We recommend students spend 15 minutes each night completing the learning games available in i-Ready or doing a lesson from their path.