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Thank you for supporting Princeton City Schools!

The operating levy put forth on the November 5th ballot has passed, and we are grateful to all of you who made that happen. It is clear that our future is important to the community and that our residents believe in the high-quality educational experience we provide and the impact we make each day.


The passage of this levy enables us to protect and preserve the quality of education, programs, and services that Princeton offers to students.  Ultimately, that means that we can continue to focus on the whole educational experience for each child – from distinguished academics, to excellent programming, diverse services, and extracurricular activities.


I extend my deepest gratitude to the volunteers who dedicated countless hours to ensure that the community was informed of the challenges facing our schools, and for everyone who voted to approve the passage of this levy.


Our district leadership has done an outstanding job of ensuring that we are mindful of our taxpayers’ dollars, and as such, we will continue to stretch our budget as much as possible without compromising the great experience we offer to our students and staff. We remain committed to living our mission each day of empowering each student for college, career, and life success.


There is a lot to celebrate about our schools, and the future looks promising. My sincerest thanks to the parents/guardians, families, residents, and staff for the support of Princeton City Schools!



Tom Burton