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Field Trip and STEM Lessons

Hello Glendale families!

We know that our students were excited about the upcoming activities and field trips we had planned this year. We have an alternative YAY!!! Below is a link for you and your Little Vikes to engage in some great STEM activities and explore some amazing virtual field trips. We encourage everyone to participate, these activities will be fun for the whole family! 


We are entering our fourth week of Virtual Field Trips and STEM Activities! We hope you are enjoying getting to think and discover outside of the box. Please keep sending us your pictures of you taking part in these fun adventures!

May 26-29 Virtual Field Trips and STEM Activities

Hello Everyone!

Congratulations on making it to the last week of the school year. Attached are the final Virtual Field Trips and STEM Activities for the year. Hope you enjoy the virtual field day and fun summer stem activities! Thanks for all you have done to help this crazy ending better than we could have expected given the circumstances. Have a fantastic summer! Stay safe and healthy!


May 26-29 Virtual Field Trips and STEM Activities


Last VFT and STEM

Virtual Field Trips and STEM Activities May 18-22


May 18-22


May 11-15, 2020 Virtual Field Trips and STEM Activities



 May 4-8, 2020 Field Trips and STEM

Week of May 4-8


Pre-K to 2nd Grade


3rd to 5th Grade

Virtual Field Trip


Visit Here With Us Farm

-Once you log into the site, click on “meet our residents”

-You can look through all of the pictures and descriptions of the animals that live there. The animals are rescued animals who many have special needs. After you look at them, choose one to write a letter to and picture for at: 

3397 Tunnel Hill Road 

Seven Valleys, PA 17360

The farm says that the animals will write back to you. :)


Visit Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari

-The Cincinnati Zoo has been having daily visits at 3:00 pm since we have been away from school (they are also placed on their website and on YouTube).

-Once you log in, select different animals you would like to learn about and watch the videos. Select one or more of the animals you liked, and in the description on the home page, there are fun activities you can do about the animal(s)

-They would love to see your work at


STEM Activity


Water Drop Race

-Use a straw and drops of water on a piece of waxed paper to see who can get the water drop from the starting line to the end first.

-Try racing with different people in your family and maybe hold rounds to find an overall winner


Balancing Robot

-In this activity, students will print off the robot printable, or trace it onto a piece of paper and decorate and cut it out.

-The object is to tape pennies in different spots on the robot to see if you can get him to balance.

-There is a video link to help you


Additional Fun STEM Activities You Can Do At Home:





April 27-May 1 Virtual Field Trips and STEM




Welcome to Week 3 of Virtual Field Trips and STEM activities! We hope you are enjoying all of the fun learning you are able to do with your families and hope that you are able to participate again this week! Have fun while learning and get your brains working in new and dynamic ways!

April 20-24 Virtual Field Trips and STEM Activities (This one has the clickable links)