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Mr. James Stallworth- Grant Us Hope Award Winner

Grant Us Hope is thrilled to present James Stallworth with the Grant Us Hope Award. This is the highest honor the organization imparts and is not given annually, but only in the case of extraordinary service to the organization. We honored Mr. Stallworth for this award because of his passionate support and involvement in Princeton Middle School’s Hope Squad. Both the advisors and the students who participate in the program noted his enthusiasm and advocacy on behalf of the program, which empowers students to prevent suicide and promote mental health in the school. Additionally, James has helped Grant Us Hope by sharing his own lived experience related to mental health and by creating a new curriculum that will be utilized by Hope Squads across the country. Finally, Mr. Stallworth is now working on a research task force for the organization that will work to improve program efficacy data. We commend Mr. Stallworth for his contribution, which helps us save young lives, together.

Grant Us Hope Award winner James Stallworth