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Parents of current 5th Graders, we need your help!

Hello PCMS families! 

The PCMS PFO is in need of new officers. This is an excellent way to get involved!  Our current PFO officers have done an amazing job transitioning our organization into its own non-profit, as well as getting things moving as we navigate all the changes that have come since March of 2020. Unfortunately, we have some parents moving on with their students to PHS, and others who have given 2 years to our organization - for which we are very grateful. Now, we need YOUR help!!

We are looking for parents interested in the positions of President and Vice-President. We do have some interest in the positions of Treasurer and Secretary. The most urgent need will be getting the board positions filled. Please seriously consider volunteering for the board! Additionally, there are MANY ways you can help. There is already a team of dedicated parents on hand willing to assist in many ways, and would welcome more parents to join in the PFO's support of the students and staff at PCMS.

The PFO’s mission is to promote and encourage communication between parents and PCMS staff, deepen our community spirit and enrich our children’s PCMS experiences. We support/provide the following: Welcome event for 6th graders, end-of-year 8th-grade celebration, dances, fundraisers, conference dinners for staff, staff appreciation week and other things requested of us. We need to ensure that all this work over the past couple of years continues and that we can continue to provide these enriching events to the students and staff of PCMS. Please deeply consider volunteering for the PFO to help keep all these wonderful things happening!

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for a position, please contact the PCMS PFO at

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