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Welcome back to the library!  Last year’s Zoom meetings, Google Meet, and connections through our Google Classroom Media Center was wonderful.  I appreciate all teachers, parents, and students who made sure we were able to use technology to do that new thing.  Now, I have had the pleasure of inviting students and staff back into the library.  While we can still read books online at Epic, we still have access to all that has to offer, and I will begin posting videos in my Google Classroom soon, students get to choose, read, and love physical books again!  

Here are some quick reminders about how our school library works:

  • All K-5 students are able to choose a book to borrow. Several students thought they had to pay to read our wonderful books and were glad to know they were only borrowing.
  • Books must be returned weekly.  Even if students want to renew a book, it must be physically present.  Ask your child what their library day is.
  • We do not have late fines.  Students can’t check out a new book if they have not returned a book from this school year but there is no late fine.  However…
  • If books are not returned within 6 weeks, the book will be marked as lost and a bill to replace the book will be issued.  Students will be able to check out again after that.
  • You will receive email reminders and paper reminders about any books that are overdue/lost.  I suggest searching the book on to see what the cover looks like.  Knowing what a book looks like makes it much easier for me to find it.  This is just to see a picture of the cover.  Please do not order books to replace lost ones.
  • Lastly, we have updates and opportunities throughout the year, please make sure you and your students connect with me through our Google Classroom.  The codes are new for this year and are unique to the school and grade levels.


I hope you and your children read some wonderful adventures together this year!


Trina A. Carter

“Miss Librarian”

Library News