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Dear Parents/Guardians,


By now students should have completed the work we sent home prior to the school closure. Over the last few weeks we have attempted to reach all parents/guardians to determine technology needs and to discuss the plan for your child. At this time, we will begin utilizing an online approach to distance learning for those students who have the required technology. If students do not currently have technology, we will work with you to obtain technology or find another way for your child to access their school work. 


Each Intervention Specialist is working with their students’ grade level teachers in order to provide an adequate plan for instruction. We know with the current situation that our service model will look different than it does when we are at school, but we are trying our best to meet the needs of each child. All teachers are holding daily office hours so parents can easily reach us during the school closure. Should you have questions about your child’s plan, their school work, or have any other needs we can assist with, please contact your child’s Intervention Specialist. 


Office Hours Monday - Friday

Sally Blythe - 9:00-10:30 


Julie Faulkner - 9:30-11:00


Yena Frank - 8:00-4:00


Karen Jesse - 9:30-11:00


Jessica Kennell - 2:00-3:30


Jill Sheeketski - 8:00-9:30

  • Google Classroom Code (1st Grade Behavior): 6zz4bsl 
  • Google Classroom Code (3rd Grade Math): b6kp5iw 
  • Google Classroom Code (2nd Grade Reading): 7otkkp4 


De’Aisha Waller - 9:30-11:00 

We miss seeing each of you and hope you are doing well! 



Sharonville’s Intervention Team