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Please see your child's Class Dojo or Google Classroom pages for more assignment information.


  • Please join me in Google Classroom: Class Code: ucqqmkl
    • Go to and click Go to Classroom.
    • Enter your username (vikingmail) and click Next.
    • Enter your password and click Next.
    • If there is a welcome message, read it and click Accept.
    • Click I'm A Student
    • Click Get Started.
    • Join the class with the classroom code above.
  • Lessons and videos will be shared for primary and secondary
  • Login to (Directions in Google Classroom)

Students know how to log on to their account and access Quaver. Assignments given through site.


Click here to learn how to save projects on Quaver.


Quaver log in guide page 1

Quaver log in guide page 2

Quaver log in guide page 3

Quaver log in guide page 4