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5th Grade


April 20-April 24  Click on the Grade Level to view/print the packets

  • Reading Skill-Main idea

  • Math Skill

    • Fifth- Unit 1 Review - Volume & Multiplication

 Click here to view/print the Distance Learning Packet for 5th Grade 

April 14-17

 Click here to view/print the Distance Learning Packet for 5th Grade

Princeton City Schools website for updates and information

Please see your child's Class Dojo or Google Classroom pages for more assignment information.


Additional Work to be Completed April 6-17:

Distance and Virtual Learning:

Gifted Math

  • Lessons on zoom daily
  • Assignments in Google Classroom daily
  • iReady MyPath 45 minutes per week

SFA Teacher Book Assignments (click links for assignments):


Grades 3-5 handwriting practice pages (you can print this cursive writing handbook for additional practice)

Grade 5:

  • A 3-5 cycle SFA book with team talk questions, vocabulary, word power and writing
    • Each day, complete the reading, questions, vocabulary and word power for a day in a cycle
    • On the sixth day, complete the writing assignment
    • No cycle assessment will be required
  • Read and Response homework
    • Read a book of your choice and complete a read and response entry
    • Students should complete a read and response for each day not attending school
  • Book Project choice board and books
    • Each child has been given a book to read for a book project
    • If your child did not receive a book, there will be books available in the Stewart school office
    • The student should read the entire book
    • Choose a book project from the book project choice board to complete
  • Reading: Reading Eggs, Study Island
  • iReady Path for Math and Reading
    • They can check their progress on the To-Do button.
    • Ideally, students will spend 45 minutes per week on iReady Path. 
    • Beyond 45 minutes, students can play learning games. 
  • Social Studies: Types of Government Project
  • Science: Mystery Science Lessons, Study Island
  • Math: Please have your child work on Lesson 31 Understand the Coordinate Plane
    • Session 2 pgs  651-654
    • Session 3 pgs 655-656
  • Next week Math: Please have your child work on Lesson 32 Represent Problems in the Coordinate Plane. 
    • Session 1 pgs 659-662
    • Session 2 pgs 663-666
    • Session 3 pgs 669-674
    • Session 4 pgs 675-678
  • Links: Links are to Khan Academy with videos for help. 
  • Gifted Math
    • Review work in iReady book; work on any blank or unfinished pages up through expressions.
    • Continue to use iReady My Path
    • - 5 questions per day on any topic that you feel you need to review
    • Paper packet of work for week 3 (and beyond) - complete at least one page per day (available later)


  • All information and resources will be posted on Dojo
  • Extra Additional Resources


  • Study Island - Students can work on the following
    • NWEA MAP Learning Path
    • Ohio Programs-5th Grade- Science and Social Studies
  • Xtra Math
  • Discovery Ed

Intermediate Level Intervention for students on an IEP or that receive Tier 3 Interventions from a Special Education Teacher:

  • Reading
    • 2 copies of A to Z Readers at each students’ instructional level based on their most recent DRA assessment and SFA scores (titles include stories like Apples to Apples, Amazing Animal Skeletons, Elephants)
    • 1 minute automatic sight word practice with scripted instructions for parents and a recording sheet from 6 Minute Solutions (2-4 laminated sheets per students)
    • 1 minute McGraw Hill fluency practice at each student’s instructional level with scripted instructions and a recording sheet for students to write scores down (at least 3 different stories sent home with each child)
    • McGraw Hill Fluency practice also has 2 comprehension questions per story for students to answer (at least 3 different stories sent home with each child)
    • i-Ready Reading log where students can record their scores on individually leveled assignments completed at home
  • Writing
    • March daily writing calendar along with paper for students to writing on (modified paper for handwriting without tears) 
    • 3rd and 5th grade= two paired passages sent home along with a multi-paragraph essay writing prompt and the RACER format 
  • Math
    • i-Ready Math log where students can record their scores on individually leveled assignments completed at home
    • 3/4/5 Go Math Intensive Intervention Skills Practice Book with at least 25 pages for each students based on their instructional level and covering the following skills:
      • Skills include: choose the operation for a word problem, picture graphs, understanding place value, array/multiplication/factor/product, division, making equal groups, shapes, etc. (see Grade 3, 4, and 5 Response to Intervention Tier 3 Go Math workbooks for a complete list of skills covered)
    • 2 minute timed test for multiplication and division as well as a recording sheet 
    • Some students also received division flashcards if that was a needed skill for them 

**We sent a letter explaining the work, the reason for the work and included our email addresses so that parents could contact us with questions. Absent students work was left in the office and phone calls or DOJO messages sent home requesting that parents come pick up materials.