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1st Grade


April 20-April 24  Click on the Grade Level to view/print the packets

  • Reading Skill-Main idea

  • Math Skill

    • First - Make ten to add)

 Click here to view/print the Distance Learning Packet for 1st Grade April 13-17


Princeton City Schools website for updates and information

Please see your child's Class Dojo or Google Classroom pages for more assingment information.


Additional Work to be Completed April 6-17:

 Distance and Virtual Learning:

 SFA Teacher Book Assignments (click links for assignments):

 Grade 1:

Clever login: log

  • Shared Clever Login information for online access to iReady, Reading Eggs, and other learning resources.  


  • 2 Roots books with directions for vocabulary and questions in the back of the book.  
    • Please read for 20 minutes every day, have students read their new stories and answer questions from the book.  
    • Practice reading their red and green words in the book.  
    • Discuss comprehension with students.  Ask them about the problem and solution in the story.  Discuss main idea and details.
    • Here is the link for read-alouds to all of the kinder and roots books.
    • Reading Roots Videos:
  • Read and Response homework
    • Read a book of your choice and complete a read and response entry
    • Students should complete a read and response for each day not attending school

More English Language Arts/ Reading Resources

  • Students can log onto Reading Eggs.  This is a website that students love in school!  The website provides stories, games, and activities that support reading and language growth.  
    • Go to  and have students log on by entering their lunch number for their username and their password. 


  • Ready Math workbook, any incomplete work pages through Chapter 23.  Chapter 25 and Chapter 26 can be completed in workbook at home (pages 575-614)
    • Students can find videos using BrainPop on concepts we have been practicing in class.  Topics to view include: tens and ones, place value, greater than and less than, addition and subtraction within 20, and time/clocks.  
  • Students can log onto Iready using clever and work on their individualized path (green box). This is an online math program that is designed to give students work at their own level and pace. Students may also complete any comprehension checks (blue box) that they have missed during class due to absences. 
  • Curriculum Associates printable math resources you can print off and use for additional math work

Science/Social Studies:

  • BrainPop is one of our favorite video resources at school! They are offering FREE access to all during school closures. Below, I'm including the links to BrainPop Jr, BrainPop, BrainPop ELL


  • Topics to view in BrainPop include: nouns, proper nouns, plural nouns (s, es, ies, ves)
  • Free write time: setting timers for 10 minutes and having students write about a variety of topics.  Ideas include: how to complete a task (ex: brushing your teeth, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich), writing a story (real or imaginary), giving their opinion on a subject (favorite color, where they would like to go on vacation, the best game to play on the playground).  

 Primary Level Intervention for students on an IEP or that receive Tier 3 Interventions from a Special Education Teacher:

  • Reading
    • 10 copies of the Reading Mastery K Decodable Readers per student
    • 1 minute letter sound practice with scripted instructions for parents and a recording sheet
    • 1 minute sight word practice with scripted instructions for parents and a recording sheet
    • Sight word worksheets and stories (one unit per child at their instructional level)
    • i-Ready Reading log where students can record their scores on individually leveled assignments completed at home
  • Writing
    • Capital Letter Handwriting Without Tears practice pages
    • Lowercase Letter Handwriting Without Tears practice pages
    • March daily writing calendar along with paper for students to writing on (modified paper for handwriting without tears) 
  • Math
    • Touchmath Subtraction Workbooks with at least 30 pages (at their individual level either kindergarten or first grade) 
    • i-Ready Math log where students can record their scores on individually leveled assignments completed at home
    • K/1 and 2 Go Math Intensive Intervention Skills Practice Book with 50 pages and 50 different skills aligned to common core standards (alike and different/ count pennies/ join groups, etc.)
  • See Response to Intervention Tier 3 Go Math workbook for complete list of skills covered for grades K/1 and 2.

**We sent a letter explaining the work, the reason for the work and included our email addresses so that parents could contact us with questions. Absent students work was left in the office and phone calls or DOJO messages sent home requesting that parents come pick up materials.