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Princeton Musicians Down Under!


Princeton Symphonic Orchestra students Kindall Benjamin, bass, and Nhu Le, violin, traveled to Australia in June 2019 with Cincinnati Junior Strings (CJS).  While there the group visited and performed at three schools in the greater Sydney area including Parramatta's Our Lady of Mercy College, Newcastle East Grammar School and Junction School in Newcastle.  CJS members sat side by side with musicians from the Australian schools and learned to make music together. In Sydney, CJS performed as part of the Australian Music Festival. As one of the youngest and farthest traveled groups, CJS was a favorite among audiences.  During the festival, students from Junior Strings performed at Sydney Conservatory's Verbrugghen Hall and at the Chatswood Concourse and participated in a combined rehearsal with the Hong Kong Youth Orchestra. Perhaps the highlight of the tour was the performance on stage at the Sydney Opera House.


CCM Preparatory Department's Cincinnati Junior Strings is an auditioned ensemble for students in grades 5-9.  Celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, this group has given over 1000 students in the Cincinnati area the chance to play in an advanced ensemble, working through challenging and varied string orchestra literature.  The orchestra is designed to extend the work of public school and private teaching studios in order to give string players the ensemble skills and experiences they need to become lifelong, independent musicians. This was CJS's 6th tour to Australia.


Kindall Benjamin had this to say about her experience: “I loved going to the Blue Mountains and listening to the folk story of how they formed.  Learning many different words and songs to sing on long bus rides was tons of fun.”


Nhu Le had this to say about her experience:  “I think the Australia trip was just a fantastic experience.  You go on a plane with people you barely know and then return home knowing everyone.  I think the Sydney Opera House was the most surreal experience. You watch other groups from around the world play and before you know it, you’re backstage with the blue lights shining from the stage.” 


We are proud of these Viking Musicians!


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