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Impact for Eternity Camp sponsored by the Anthony Munoz Foundation

These young men represented and attended the Impact for Eternity camp sponsored by the Anthony Munoz foundation this past weekend. It was a 3 day, 2 night camp where they provided busing, bedding, toiletries & sweats all at no cost. 

Two of our students Isa Hill and Brian Alvarez were named MVP for their perspective grade group and  Brian Alvarez was chosen by one of the Coaches Adam Szabo to continue a long relationship by adopting Brian in his family as a Big Brother/Father mentor. Adam interest is to assure that Brian has ALL the tools needed for a successful life including college. 
I want to extend a huge thank you to Shari Hoskins for ensuring that this program (and the Hisapanic Character Camp) was extended to PCMS and to Lisette Mason for ALWAYS being on top of making sure we find the students who are just the right fit for programs such as these. A special thank you to Lamont Baldwin for taking time away from his family to spend yet another weekend with our students, you are making a forever impact on their lives, Lamont - Thank You. 
Our mission here in Princeton City Schools is to empower each student for college career and life success, this is one example of mission accomplished. 
Impact for Eternity Camp     Brian Alvarez