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Princeton High School musician AJ White, trumpet, spent sixteen days this summer traveling and performing with the Ohio Ambassadors of Music program in Europe. AJ says this about his European music experience: "It was a fun and amazing trip. I got to meet so many nice people. I got to experience new cultures. I had a blast in my favorite country Switzerland."


The Ohio Ambassadors of Music Honor Band shared their music with European audiences in seven different countries and in a variety of performance settings.  The tour included stops in England, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, and Germany.  The Ohio Ambassadors of Music tour is an educational program designed for honor music students to perform and share their musical talents while gaining cultural enrichment abroad.


Students were nominated for the 2019 Ohio Ambassadors of Music tour based upon their level of musicianship, leadership, and character, and were selected for participation by invitation. 


The tour is designed by Voyageurs International, a Denver-based agency specializing in European music tours for numerous states throughout the country for over 40 years.  This is the twelfth such tour in the state of Ohio since 1997.


AJ White PHS class of 2021, is the 3rd generation in his family to play trumpet at Princeton. His grandfather, John White PHS class of 1963 and father, Aaron White PHS class of 1998 both played trumpet at Princeton, and younger brother, Jacob White PHS class of 2025 is also playing trumpet!


AJ's father, Aaron White PHS Class of 1998, went on the same tour in 1997.

Above: Aaron White class of 1998, London
AJ White, class of 2021, London


AJ White in France

We are proud of this Princeton Viking Musician!