Host Family Needed for Exchange Students

Hosting an international exchange student can be a highly rewarding experience for your family.

 We have a current exchange student, Alvaro, attending Princeton High School who needs a host family for the second semester. The student-athlete is from Spain and would like to be placed with a family that lives in the Princeton City School District.

 “I would like to be a doctor. I would like to get my degree in medicine.” 


Information about an international exchange student looking for a host family

 The chance to discover a different perspective and share your own culture with an international exchange student builds cultural understanding. 

 For more information, please contact Sarah Snowden, the Local Representative and Regional Coordinator from Nacel Open Door Hosting, at 513-888-7438  or email  

 Thank you for expressing an interest to potentially be a host his year! It’s so incredible to have a former students family member coming back to our area!! He would be arriving as soon as possible and would stay for either an academic semester or the full academic year with you. Some details….

 I am a National Coordinator as well as the Local Representative in the greater Cincinnati/Dayton, Indiana & Northern KY area for Nacel Open Door. We are always looking for good hosts and appreciate you keeping us in mind if you can think of anyone that would be interested to host. We pay a $250 referral bonus for each family recommended that ends up hosting for us – this year or future years. This can be paid to an organization or an individual. I am sharing information in the attached and below about our program and appreciate you keeping me in mind. We still have many students still awaiting placements this year and each family makes a world of difference to one of these excited young people hoping to realize their dream of life and study in America. I’ve attached mini profiles of both the male and female students still awaiting a placement this year.

 I have been a host family myself for 16 years and an area rep for 15 years. Our agency provides 24/7 local support to student, host and school through out the process.  Hosts provide a loving home, parental oversight, a bedroom, meals in the home and transportation to/from school which can be in the form of district provided bussing or carpool etc. Students come with spending money for meals outside the home, personal expenses including toiletries, clothing, social activities, school related expenses, medical insurance, English skills to maintain studies with their American peers and a desire to be part of your family and experience life/school in America.

 In order to host, it’s necessary to complete an online application for our public school program at which includes a background check for anyone 18 or over in the home. I’ll also need to conduct an in-home visit to assess the safety and compliance to housing standards dictated by the US Department of State which stipulates a safe home, a bedroom (can be shared with a similar age and same gender child in the home), locking door, bed, desk and light source for studying as well as access to a bathroom and internet service. During the visit I would see common areas of the home, the bedroom and bathroom the student would use and take pictures to share with the student and natural parents. To accelerate the process, one can email or text photos to me of the following areas of the home: front exterior, backyard view, kitchen, Livingroom and any other common areas of the home the student would have access to, the students bedroom taken from all 4 corners of the room, the bathroom the student would use, a recent family photo including members residing in the home during the students stay and a photo of any household pets.

 As soon as a host is officially approved to host, they will receive an email from the national office and can begin communicating directly with the student and their natural family with the necessary contact information to do so.

 Please review the attached. I’m available to answer questions. Thanks again for your interest in helping make a difference in the lives of these students by either opening your heart and home to an international student or helping find a family who is! 

 Warm regards,

Sarah Snowden

Local Representative, Private School Program and Regional Coordinator, Academic Year Program

Nacel Open Door

513-888-7438 (cell)

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