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Severe Weather Awareness Poster Contest is Now Open

Ohio’s Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week: March 19-25, 2023

As part of the 2023 Severe Weather Awareness campaign, the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness (OCSWA), in cooperation with the National Weather Service and the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (EMA), are announcing that the annual Severe Weather Awareness Poster Contest is open for submissions.

 This contest is open to all Ohio students in first through sixth grade, including individualized instruction (special education), public, private, and home school classes.

This poster contest serves as a valuable tool to help students learn about severe weather safety and preparedness. Through their illustrations of Ohio severe weather events (tornadoes, thunderstorms, flooding, etc.), students can demonstrate what actions they can take before, during, and after severe weather events to protect themselves and others.

“As parents, educators, and mentors it is our responsibility to help children understand the hazards that severe weather poses,” said Ohio EMA Executive Director Sima Merick. “Ohioans can experience severe weather at any time of the year. This poster contest is a fun yet educational way to help children learn about severe weather safety.”

All poster entries must be postmarked or e-mailed by April 21, 2023.

To learn more about the 2023 Ohio Severe Weather Awareness Poster Contest, including the complete contest rules and entry forms, visit the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness website.