For the third time, we are partnering with HundredX - Express Feedback for Good to raise funding for student wellness, feeding students staying after school for extracurriculars and sports, and the Princeton Mobile Book Center. These items are not covered under our general budget.

To raise $30,000, we need people to answer opinion surveys and rate businesses. Each piece of feedback is worth $2.00. The maximum feedback one individual can give is 75 pieces, which will raise $150.00 for the schools! The rules have changed, and the most feedback you can give in one day is 25 survey questions.

We currently have 201 people participating and have raised $4,568.00. The program ends on February 14th. We are halfway to the end date but not halfway to our goal.

PLEASE consider giving a few minutes of time to complete some feedback at the link here. The company does not send spam or sell your information. They use grouped answers to give feedback to companies, which is how they pay our school.