Students standing on a staircase posing for a group photo

PHS students enrolled in the Youth Built Change research class, taught by Becky Heckman and Kate Lampe, in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati, participated in the Research Kick-Off Days for Youth Built Change. 

 The Youth Built Change (YBC) Research class works in partnership with the University of Cincinnati to conduct research projects. This week the class took a field trip to the UC campus to meet the professors and research mentors.

 Our learners had the opportunity to meet Blessing Fenegan, a Princeton High School graduate from 2019, who was part of the program when she went to PHS, and is still participating in the program as an undergraduate.

Blessing Fenegan is a current UC senior who is a past YBC student that has successfully published a first-author paper and has accredited a lot of her skill and knowledge building to the YBC program.  She will also be serving as a research mentor this year.

Other activities during the field trip included selecting a research theme, learning some research methods, understanding how important this research is, and getting to know the cohort from Manchester High School.

PHS and MHS are the only two high schools that offer this unique learning opportunity! 

We are excited about this high-quality learning experience for our students that will impact our community!