6th Grade Band, Orchestra and Choir Sign-Up 2023-2024

6th Grade Band, Orchestra and Choir Sign-Up 2024-2025

Sign Up Window is April 3-12

To be properly informed before signing up, please do one or more of the following:
*View Choose Music video on district website: https://youtu.be/nQPeSrJv0Cw
*Attended Try It Night in Matthews Auditorium on 4/3/24

6th Grade Band, Orchestra and Choir each meet as 1 Encore class during the school day for the entire year. In most cases you will be able to sign up to play an instrument in band or orchestra and sing in the choir. Go ahead and sign up for both and see how your schedule works out.

You do not need to do anything about getting an instrument at this time.  Getting you enrolled in the class is the priority.  

In August, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on renting an instrument.  
If you are unable to rent an instrument at that time, we will work very hard to provide a school-owned instrument for your child. We want EVERY student who wishes to play an instrument to have the opportunity, and we will do all we can to help!

If your child wants to play the Alto Saxophone, Percussion, Horn, Cello or String Bass, please list it as his/her FIRST CHOICE. These instruments are limited in the section and we can only sign up the first 15 Alto Saxophones, 10 Percussion, 4 Horns, 14 Violas, 14 Cellos, and 7 String Basses. The other instruments do not have limits.

Once this form is submitted, your child will be enrolled in 6th Grade Band, Orchestra and/or Choir. Thanks.
Please contact Kristen Brown at krbrown@vikingmail.org with any questions.

Espanol: https://forms.gle/Wc4fAoAdkNvGVdN39

English: https://forms.gle/SaqixBikFSGPohxy8

Princeton Music Department Recruitment Video

Choose Music Introduction Video