Hours of Operation:  5:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

First Student Transportation
11786 Highway Drive
Sharonville, Ohio 45241

Phone: (513) 554-0105

Fax: (513) 554-0838

On school days, we make an effort to have at least one staff member in the office as long as there are buses on the road.

Please make sure your FinalForms are updated by July 15th so you can get your transportation by the first day of school.

Bus passes will be mailed and emailed by August 1-3rd. After August 10th, bus passes will be available for pick up at the school buildings. 

If any information is wrong or needs to be updated on your Bus Passes, please update your Final Forms and make sure your electronic documents are signed by typing your name at the bottom.

two students wearing backpacks running towards a yellow school bus


Please carefully review your information, update if necessary, and sign all forms. To complete the process, click and, if needed, review the Parent Playbook at

If you require support during the process, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Use Support.” 

Forms must be updated and signed by July 15th so that each child is compliant and transportation for the first day of school is arranged. 

June 24th through June 27th, the district is hosting FinalForms Support Days at the Welcome Center, 3900 Cottingham Drive, Cincinnati, OH 4524.  No appointment is needed from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM. If you have questions about the forms, please feel free to call your child’s school office or the Princeton Welcome Center at 513.864.1000.

Thank you for your help streamlining Princeton City Schools' data collection, verification, and distribution processes. 

Dear Preschool and Kindergarten Parents/Guardians: 

Please be sure you are at your child's bus stop.  Phone calls will no longer be made to the child's home if a parent/guardian is not at the bus stop.  Buses will simply return students to their school, and the parent/guardian will be notified to pick up their child at the school.  Thank you for helping us maintain consistent timing of our bus stops for all of our families!

As with all other facets of the education process, cooperation, and partnership with parents is vital. Please take a moment to review the bus safety rules with your child and make sure they arrive at their bus stop five (5) minutes prior to their pick-up time and that they wait in their designated place of safety.

When your children board the bus each morning, you can be assured that they are traveling in the safest mode of transportation.  The State of Ohio School Bus Driver Training Program is nationally recognized for its proactive stance in establishing safety practices for pupil transportation.  In addition to extensive pre-service training, school bus drivers must go through a recertification process every six years, which includes BCI and FBI background checks. BMV abstract reports are also done quarterly on all drivers. And two times a year our school buses undergo safety inspections by the State Ohio Patrol. The safety record of our drivers is exemplary; we have enjoyed a reduction in insurance premiums for the past four years due to the small number of claims reported.

So leave the driving to us because "Transporting Precious Cargo" is what we do best!

Additional Information

Additional Information on school bus safety or other transportation topics can be found online at the Ohio Department of Education website > Pupil Transportation.

First Student Office Staff

Below are the names of the First Student office staff. When you call 513.554.0105 press the number associated to the person you wish to speak to.

  1. — Dispatch

  2. —Training Compliance

  3. — Routing

  4. — Maintenance

Al Chang — Location Manager

LaVernia (Vern) Harvey — Operations Supervisor/Router

Brittany Gibson — Operations Supervisor

Jeffery Stratton — Operations Supervisor

Micah (Angela) Keesee — Location Safety Coordinator

Clyde Caudill — Regional Maintenance Manager

Joseph Isom — Head Maintenance Tech

Austin Caudill — Maintenance Mechanic

Fax Number: 513.554.0838