Who To Contact

When questions or concerns arise, it's not always easy to know who to reach out to. We strongly encourage families start at the lowest level to reach a resolution. If you are not able to reach a resolution at that level, you may need to move to the next level.

For example, if you have a question about academics and are not able to resolve that with your student's teacher, your next contact would be the principal.

You can click below to see the chain of command for different issues that may arise.

Building Phone Numbers

Evendale Elementary

Phone: (513) 864-1200 Fax: (513) 864-1291

Glendale Elementary

Phone: (513) 864-1300 Fax: (513) 864-1391

Heritage Hill Elementary

Phone: (513) 864-1400 Fax: (513) 864-1491

Lincoln Heights Elementary

Phone: (513) 864-2400 Fax: (513) 864-2491

Sharonville Elementary

Phone: (513) 864-2600 Fax: (513) 864-2691

Springdale Elementary

Phone: (513) 864-2700 Fax: (513) 864-2791

Stewart Elementary

Phone: (513) 864-2800 Fax: (513) 864-2891

Woodlawn Elementary

Phone: (513) 864-2900 Fax: (513) 864-2991

Princeton Innovation Center

Phone: (513) 864-1158

Princeton Community Middle School

Phone: (513) 864-2000 Fax: (513) 552-8511

Report Absence: (513) 864-2224

Frequently Called Numbers: click here

Princeton High School

Phone: (513) 864-1500 Fax: (513) 552-8224

Report Absence: (513) 864-1555

PHS Counselor Department: (513) 864-1805

Contact Us

If you want to report a safety issue at one of our buildings, please do so here.

If you would like to submit feedback about any part of Princeton's website, have questions about events happening at any of the schools, or questions about how to register a new student, please fill in the information and leave a comment.

If you have an issue concerning your child, child's progress, a staff member, or an issue concerning the school please contact that school directly by phone. The phone numbers are listed on each school's page.

If you are reporting a ProgressBook Login Issue please provide your child's name/school and we will respond with a new login.

If you are reporting a PaySchools Issue please provide your child's name/school and what issue you are having, and we will respond with help.

If you need to report your child as absent, please call the school directly. Phone numbers for each building are available on each school's web page.